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VoIP Service Selected for IP Contact Center

June 27, 2014

Business voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone service provider AudioCodes was recently selected by IGATE to support the company's international call center services. The IGATE firm offers integrated technology and operations services on a global scale, so choosing a VoIP provider that offered powerful session initiation protocol trunking and session border controller solutions at the right price was vital. After careful deliberation, IGATE chose AudioCodes (News - Alert)' Mediant 3000 hybrid media gateway and SBC solution due to its combination of low-cost reliability and scalability in the face of expansion.

SIP trunking and VoIP are excellent choices to combat the challenges presented by an international call center based in India. Instead of using expensive landline phone providers that would charge exorbitant fees for long-distance and international calling, VoIP phone systems instead route calls through the Internet where geography simply does not factor into the long-distance equation. With the number of phone calls made by a call center the size of IGATE's every hour, even a small reduction in cost per call has an enormous effect.

Similarly, SIP trunking allows call centers like IGATE's to reduce costs even further. While some VoIP providers charge separately for each phone line, SIP trunking allows companies to manage their own phone line with their own in-house private branch exchange (PBX (News - Alert)).

While a PBX is expensive to install and maintain, SIP trunks become more valuable on economies of scale. This is because companies can use their PBX to effectively share open phone lines across multiple handsets, so the company only has to purchase as many SIP trunks as the number of simultaneous calls they will receive during peak operating hours. For a large call center like the one at IGATE, this solution is practically tailor-made for optimum efficiency.

According to IGATE CIO Chella Namasivayam M, “We have a lot of confidence in AudioCodes' migration capabilities. The mediant solution is highly versatile, meeting all our technical requirements while helping us stay within our infrastructure budget.” Ultimately, the VoIP solution offered the right level of flexibility and scalability at the right price.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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