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Report: Telecoms Threatened by New Malware
There's a new piece of computer malware floating around cyberspace that appears to be targeting telecoms in particular.

'Look, Up in the Sky; It's - Google?'
Telecom providers are faced with a myriad challenges these days, not the least of which is the Net Neutrality issue raising its head in Washington and elsewhere. But a related issue keeping executives up at night is how to reach rural areas with their service, without breaking the bank to do so? It seems Google, of all companies, might have a solution.

Report: Ohio Telecoms Want To End Landline Rules
In the wake of midterm elections, President Obama opened quite the can of worms when he waded into the Net Neutrality debate. Now the issue is trickling down to the state level, and telecoms in Ohio are sensing an opportunity to get rid of old landline rules and instead go fully wireless. But that's not sitting well with everyone.

AT&T Expands into Mexico with Iusacell Acquisition
AT&T has announced that it will acquire the Mexican wireless company Iusacell for $2.5 billion, which will effectively turn the company into a major player in that country on top of being the number two wireless carrier in the U.S.

Master Agent Telecom Brokers Partners with OnSIP on Hosted PBX and Related Services
One of the advantages of dealing with a telecom broker or master agent is gaining access to solutions that are a unique fit for your company.

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Advantix Solutions Group

Advantix Solutions Group
Advantix Solutions Group is a global leader in Mobility Telecom Optimization and Management Services. Advantix delivers unparalleled solutions that empower customers to take control of their entire mobile telecommunications infrastructure.

Comcast Business Class

Comcast Business Class
Telarus is one of Comcast Business Class' leading distributors. Since we joined the Comcast channel program on March 14, 2010, we have been helping our partners qualify, order, and provision all Comcast Business Class products, including Metro Ethernet.

EarthLink Business

EarthLink Business
EarthLink Business is a facilities-based telecommunications provider with more than 28,000 fiber miles. EarthLink Business specializes in a wide variety of products, including MPLS, Ethernet, Wireless, Data, Voice, Colocation, and Hosted PBX.


The VXSuite modules provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage the technologies that make up your ecosystem as well as monitor and support each customer's unique configuration.

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Do you have access to the products that you need to be successful in telecom sales? Do you have access to cloud, fiber, wimax, mobility, and other game-changing solutions that you'll need to compete?

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Telarus is THE only place to put your business....

Telarus is THE only place to put your business....
"Telarus is the only master agent that helps me generate leads through my website. Another huge factor is that they pay on time, every month without excuses! Unfortunately in the Telecom world people are slow at paying or simply don't pay. Telarus' tools and staff give my business the edge we need to stand out from my competitors...

Telarus just seems to 'get it'....

Telarus just seems to "get it"....
"Telarus to me emulates the perfect channel partner because of their culture, the tremendous talent that they have, and their ability to keep driving business. People are everything...