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Market Forecast: Telecom IT Services Worth $233.09B By 2019

September 05, 2014

New forecasts for the IT telecom market indicate some impressive growth, at least according to recent research.

On a global scale, the market is expected to grow from $67.38 billion in 2014 to $233.05 billion in 2019, with North America taking the lead. Europe and Asia-Pacific (APAC) are expected to follow suit with some serious traction during the forecast period.

The report, "Telecom IT Services Market by Solutions & by Deployment - Global Forecast to 2019,” looks at 60 worldwide markets and offers insight to providers and operators to better understand customer expectations over the next few years.

Telecom network operators need to justify the value of their services and where to invest money since it is no longer just about voice. Network operators often grapple with questions about what to invest in to secure revenue and profit growth for themselves. Market intelligence can help navigate an otherwise uncertain path.

Operators can also consider Master Agency services, which can offer better contracts, better rates, and better support. This especially comes into play when a customer issue arises.

With the IT telecom market looking promising, IT Value Added Resellers can enter the telecommunications and IT market to stay competitive.

A Master Agent agreement is an optimal way for businesses to stay relevant and for customers to take advantage of the latest in communications solutions.

With a projected increase as indicated by MarketsandMarkets, does this mean the market will be flooded? A flooded market means increased competition.

What used to be one or two providers in a geographical market are now 100. That’s where the need for a telecommunications master agent comes in.  A reputable telecommunications agent can help a business evaluate their needs and find the right products with a solid service provider at a competitive price. 

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