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RapidScale, Sandler Partners Form Master Agent Agreement

August 20, 2014

With all the hype surrounding cloud computing, it’s no wonder businesses of all sizes are lining up to take advantage of its ability to help out when it comes to backing up and failover protection. Getting the right solution requires the right people, and that is why dealing with a master agent is beneficial.

RightScale has been busy broadening its portfolio of services, so the recent news of its partnership with Sandler Partners highlights how working with a master agent is a good thing. Under the newly formed affiliation, Sandler Partner’s customers will be able to utilize RapidScale’s offerings, all in one place.

“We’re incredibly excited to add Sandler Partners as a Master Agent to RapidScale’s channel program,” said Randy Jeter, CEO of RapidScale at the time of announcement. “Their team has built a great business, one that is respected throughout the channel both by the carriers and agents. This partnership is the start of something great in a growing industry with a vast amount of potential.”

As a Master Agent providing cloud services, this is a positive step for both RapidScale and Sandler Partners. This opens the door for the Sandler Partner community to have access to solutions like CloudMail, Hosted Microsoft (News - Alert) Exchange, and the all-in-one CloudOffice solution.

“RapidScale offers the types of customizable cloud solutions our agent’s partners need in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace,” said Paul Seeley, Southwest Regional Vice President for Sandler Partners. “We anticipate a solid and mutually beneficial partnership with RapidScale as we continue to develop a strong presence in cloud services.”   

Working with certain service providers can be frustrating for customers. When you work with a Master Agency, you often have access to better contracts, better rates, and better support. This especially comes into play when a customer issue arises.

The telecommunications industry is entering the information technology field with cloud and managed services.  Now more than ever, IT Value Added Resellers must enter the telecommunications and IT market to stay competitive.

A Master Agent agreement is an optimal way for businesses to stay relevant and for customers to take advantage of the latest in communications solutions. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson
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