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Telecom Company Helps Meet Growing Demand for Small Cell Installs

June 30, 2014

IVI Telecom Services, an affiliate of IVI International, Inc., a construction and environmental consultancy, announced that it has expanded both in terms of its volume of assignments and number of employees.

The reason cited for the growth was an increased demand for small cell installations, which is boosting inevitable expansion in the sector.

The escalating dependency of consumers on mobile data services has also been forcing operators and network infrastructure providers to align their resources to improve the capacity and coverage of their network and eventually retain customers.

More wireless subscribers mean an increase in the need for more towers. But there also has consistently been an increased resistance to the placement and appearance of cell towers among the community. Because of this, more compact and powerful small cell installations are getting more popular and are presenting new opportunities for building owners to capitalize on underutilized space.

Traditional cell towers are never welcomed into most folks’ backyards, and because of that, mobile communications has already entered into the small cell arena. Easy to install and having a low-profile, small cell technology is occupying a big spot within the mobile communications landscape. Smaller cells can be deployed in greater numbers.

"Advancements in small cell technology to meet the rising demand for digital data bandwidth in urban and suburban locations, coupled with a continued proliferation to meet the cell phone and wireless demands of rural residents, are driving growth in this sector," said IVI Telecom Services President Adrian Berezowsky.

"As this technology evolves and requires smaller and smaller footprints, building and property owners are being presented with more and more opportunities to capitalize on unused or underutilized space as telecom companies seek to keep up with demand," he added.

IVI Telecom Services offers a wide spectrum of environmental services for nationwide telecommunications infrastructure development, ranging from environmental site assessments to FCC (News - Alert)/NEPA screenings and Section 106 consultations. The company has consulted on thousands of projects for the installation of cell towers, pole sites and other telecommunication transmission, receiving, and relaying equipment since launching the company five years ago.

The company’s services include environmental site assessments, NEPA (FCC) screenings & assessments, historic & visual resource consultation, section 106 review, visual impact assessments & photographic simulations, archaeological surveys, Native American consultation and other additional services. 

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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